Power System Reliability, Resilience and Cybersecurity in a Cyber-Physical Environment(网络物理环境下的电力系统可靠性,恢复能力和网络安全性)

讲座标题:Power System Reliability, Resilience and Cybersecurity in a Cyber-Physical Environment(网络物理环境下的电力系统可靠性,恢复能力和网络安全性)

主讲人: 王凌峰博士

讲座时间:2015-07-03 14:00





摘要: The power grid we are utilizing is one-century old and aging for the modern industry. The dramatic economic loss brought by the obsolete power system triggers the research of the smart grid. Thus, the current power grid is undergoing significant changes and upgrades. For instance, more significant amounts of renewable energy resources are being integrated into the power grid. Meanwhile, various innovative smart grid technologies are being developed and deployed in the current power grids, including intelligent sensors, advanced metering infrastructure, novel power electronic equipment, and demand response based operating strategies. These emerging technologies are instrumental to enabling various desired functionalities of smart grid, but meanwhile they are significantly increasing the complexity and uncertainty of the overall system. For instance, new failure modes may be caused by malicious cyber attacks against the critical cyber components of power grid. This talk will discuss the reliability, resilience and cybersecurity of contemporary power systems by accounting for the new uncertain factors. The state-of-the-art of the field will be presented by reviewing the most up-to-date work. The major difficulties and challenges in this field will be identified and discussed.

If time allows, Dr. Wang will introduce the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM).


简历:王凌峰博士目前是美国威斯康星大学密尔沃基分校电子工程及计算机科学系的副教授。他此前是俄亥俄州托莱多大学(University of Toledo, Ohio)电子工程及计算机科学系的助理教授。他曾在加利福尼亚电网独立运行公司 (California ISO) 担任电力传输规划师。在此之前,他分别在浙江大学, 新加坡国立大学, 美国德克萨斯A&M大学获得学士, 硕士和博士学位。他目前已经在国际期刊和国际会议上发表了150篇以上科研论文,其中多篇论文获得过最佳论文奖项。王博士是多家国际杂志的编委 (如Editor of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid,Editor of IEEE Power Engineering Letters, Associate Editor of Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments (Elsevier), Associate Editor of Intelligent Industrial Systems (Springer))或客座主编,并担任过很多国际会议的技术委员会成员。他也是IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing的指导委员会成员。他在2012年获得托莱多大学年度最佳科研工作者的荣誉。其主要研究方向包括电力系统可靠性和网络安全性,智能电网技术,节能和智能楼宇,电动汽车电网集成,智能计算和控制。他在约60个大学和国家实验室给过受邀讲座。

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